Ifi Popapp

PopApp is a project for new opportunities and horizons not yet imagined. Versatile, adaptable to different environments, customizable. A temporary store, hotels, restaurants and large commercial areas can be integrated into a public place. A compact space, a workstation that contains everything needed to produce, store, display and sell artisan gelato. Functional like an app, it opens with simple movements.
An open space of just 5.14 m², a stand-alone water system and a 230 V power socket. PopApp is a freedom of installation that combines with internal technologies: starting with Panorama® for ice cream display and storage artisanal to all the components that it opens up. The surface of PopApp is in K-LIFE, a material that is warm to the touch and similar to natural stone. Equipped with active antibacterial properties, resistant and easy to clean, it is an ecological and totally recyclable coating.

Call the number +39.335.217910