We supply you a complete bar including equipment so you can start working straight away and sell our product. art 4 design, owned by mer. michele volpi and stefano bergomi architects, is at your service to help you choice what is best for you.


With only € 4.900.00 give an added value to your company !!! Increase sales. You will have a contract that includes the first 100 Kg supply and the brand new IFI cockpit bench

Unico Gelato Espresso supports you:

√ market intelligence of your project, featuring our commercial advisors Messrs. Nextus, Montemurlo Prato
√ location – based business plan
√ one week technical and managerial training by Mr. Paolo Pachetti, inventor of Unico Gelato Espresso
√ continuous assistance
√ marketing and advertising services
√ low Unico Gelato Espresso price enables you to minimize production costs. No more expensive machinery to buy, no more high power and water bills, no professional personnel needed! Easy to use, big incomes!

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