This line is care of our Bartender mr. Riccardo Cerboneschi. By his hipster style he set up a varietyof speakeasy like drinks and cocktails. The whole drinklist is based on our Unico Gelato Espresso.

Coffee Shop

Mr Paolo Pachetti himself takes care of this line. Years of experience ended up in a innovation in ice cream sector. Every recipe can vary by adding spices, spirits, flavours, bitters.

Kitchen Line - Salty

Launched by our innovative, up-and-coming chef Edoardo Tilli, performer of and reinventor of Tuscan food, he continuosly finds new suggestions preparing deliciuos, astonishing dishes with our Unico Gelato Espresso flavours. Some of them have been produced on his request, like tomato, celery, red wine and many others.